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1999 News & Press Releases

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December 23, 1999:  The Commission on Environmental Cooperation asks the US government for a response to CIEL's complaint that the US fails to enforce migratory bird laws.
November 1999:  New Publication:  A Citizen's Guide to the World Bank Inspection Panel, Second Edition.
November 1999: New Publication:  International Trading Rules and the Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) Convention.
November 1999: Greenpeace releases Safe Trade in the 21st Century, a briefing kit prepared by CIEL with Greenpeace which calls for reform of the World Trade Organization's rules to prevent them from undermining environmental protection.  
November 16, 1999:  CIEL calls on Clinton Administration to take further steps on trade and environment, in response to a new Executive Order requiring environmental assessments of trade agreements.
November 1999:  CIEL and the World Resources Institute recommend policy reforms to protect forests from risks posed by trade liberalization and trade rules, in a new report, Tree Trade; Liberalization of International Commerce in Forest Products: Risks and Opportunities
November 1999:  In response to legal challenge by CIEL, COICA and Amazon Coalition, US Patent Office rejects patent on sacred ayahuasca plant.
November 1999:  CIEL and other environmental groups call on US government to lead international cooperation to protect big-leaf mahogany.
July 16, 1999:  CIEL and 13 other US environmental groups call on US government to lead reforms of World Trade Organization needed to prevent trade from harming the environment (letter to USTR and EPA plus technical statement)
June 22, 1999:  Respect for Inspection:  China Western Poverty Reduction Project
May 13, 1999: Ford Foundation Makes Major Grant to CIEL to Support Community-Based Natural Resource Management
January 14, 1999:  CIEL launches Human Rights and Environment Initiative with support of the Goldman Fund.

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