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2001 News & Press Releases

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December 2001: CIEL & World Wildlife Fund call for Capacity Building and Technical Assistance for services trade assessment
November 2001: Police arrest Environmental Activist, Opposition Leader in Tanzania
November 2001: Hard work by environmentalists makes climate negotiations in Marrakech, Morocco a success
November 2001: Daniel Magraw named Executive Director of CIEL
October 2001: Read the open letter on Institutional Reforms in the WTO
October 2001: Proposed U.S. position undermines NAFTA Citizen Submission Process regarding environmental claims
October 2001: Climate Change - CIEL attends Seventh Conference of the Parties in Marrakech, Morocco
October 2001: Understanding Fast Track: Key Environmental Problems with the Thomas Bill
October 2001: The World Bank is revising its Involuntary Resettlement Policy - Learn about the policy and what you can do to help
October 2001: International court rules in favor of Indigenous Community Land Rights
September 2001: NGOs call for independent review of Forced Displacement and Alleged Massacre at Bulyanhulu, Tanzania
August 2001: Reject the Trade Promotion Act of 2001
August 2001: World Bank sends draft Resettlement Policy to its Board for discussion and approval
August 2001: CIEL signs on to comments on the proposed US-Chile Free Trade Agreement (also available in Spanish), while opposing granting of Fast Track Trading Authority
August 2001: View NAFTA Investor Rights Plus: An Analysis of the draft Investment Chapter of the Free Trade Area of the Americas. This document is also available in Spanish
August 2001: CIEL releases Comments on the Upcoming WTO Ministerial in Doha, Qatar
July 2001: Preparing for 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development, CIEL seeks comments relating to International Environmental Governance (IEG)
June 2001:  CIEL attends Signing of Persistent Organic Pollutants Treaty in Stockholm
June 2001: CIEL releases Potential International Strategy to stop the spread of invasive species
May 2001:  Stop the World Bank's efforts to help Shell drill for oil in the politically volatile and environmentally sensitive Niger Delta
May 2001:  Environmentalists release 'Principles for Environmentally Responsible Trade' to Congress, also available in Spanish
May 2001:  CIEL articulates a potential strategy for addressing international invasive species issues
May 2001: Bush Energy Plan Violates International Law
May 2001:  Congressman Menendez Achieves Global Warming Victory in the House of Representatives
April 2001:  World Bank Weakening Involuntary Resettlement Policy; learn about the policy to protect communities from displacement!
March 2001:  CIEL spearheads efforts to prevent a "price cap" loophole in global warming treaty
March 2001:  CIEL sues the United States Trade Representative for hiding documents, hampering protection of domestic environment and health laws
March 2001:  CIEL files Amicus Brief attempting to hold the Unocal Corporation liable for its support of human rights abuses by the Burmese military 
March 2001:  Read the open letter to the President of the World Bank Concerning the International Advisory Group
February 2001:  CIEL & International Rivers Network challenge failures of World Bank's resettlement policy revisions
February 2001:  Environmentalists Express Concern as World Bank Announces Watchdog for Chad-Cameroon Pipeline
February 2001:  CIEL Co-Sponsors Workshop with UNEP,. US EPA, DoD and others on the "Importance of Military Organizations in Stratospheric Ozone Protection & Climate Protection"
January 2001:  NACEC Secretariat recommends fact-finding mission in response to CIEL allegations that U.S. is failing to enforce migratory bird laws
January 2001:  CIEL Helps Score Major Victory for Indigenous Rights in Philippine Supreme Court

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