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2002 News & Press Releases

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December 2002: Court Orders Bush Administration Must Give Trade Documents to the Public
November 2002: CIEL and other NGOs call on Trade Ministers to reject unofficial and exclusive Mini-Ministerials and Green Room Meetings prior to and at the World Trade Organization's Fifth Ministerial
November 2002: Global Warming, Energy and the World Summit on Sustainable Development
October 2002: CIEL and other Environmental Organizations express concern over the Doha Multilateral Trade Negotiations and Agenda in the World Trade Organization
October 2002: Environmental NGOs submit letter to Congressional Oversight Group on Trade Policy
October 2002: CIEL launches paper: "One Species, One Planet: Environmental Justice and Sustainable Development" presented at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, South Africa
October 2002: CIEL works with other NGOS to urge Senate Approval of the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women
October 2002: Environmental Organizations petition U.S. Ambassador Zoellick regarding the General Treatment Provision in upcoming United States - Chile free trade agreement negotiations
September 2002: Roundtable and Reception: The Road to Cancun - Implications of the World Trade Organization's 5th Ministerial Meeting
September 2002: CIEL, Oxfam and IATP announce Statement on Investment for the 16 - 17 September World Trade Organization Investment Meeting
August 2002: CIEL and Earthjustice File Petition on behalf of Bolivian partners and others in the investment dispute stemming from the "Water War" in Cochabamba, Bolivia
August 2002: CIEL Comments on the Draft Plan of Implementation for the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, South Africa, from 25 August to 4 September 2002
August 2002: CIEL announces its schedule of Side Events at the World Summit on Sustainable Development and publishes a series of Issue Briefs for the event
June 2002: U.S. Fast Track Conference Bill Neither Reflects America's Environmental Values nor Addresses Fundamental Problems with Investment Rules
June 2002: CIEL and WWF urge WTO Members to Adjust Current GATS Negotiations to Conduct a Thorough and Transparent Assessment of Services Trade Liberalization
May 2002: CIEL and Other Non-Governmental Organizations Hold Workshop on Trade, Competition, and Investment at the International Environment House in Geneva, Switzerland
May 2002: CIEL comments on the revised Chairman's Paper to be negotiated at the fourth preparatory meeting for the upcoming World Summit on Sustainable Development
May 2002: CIEL launches book: Whose Natural Resources? Whose Common Good? Towards a New Paradigm of Environmental Justice and the National Interest in Indonesia
April 2002: Public Services Under the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) - Aren't They Worth Protecting?
April 2002: The Experts Seminar on Human Rights & Environment, Sponsored by CIEL and CEDHA in March 2002, Provides Recommendations to the Organization of American States
April 2002: CIEL and Other Groups Praise President Bush's Stand Against Commercial Killing of Whales
March 2002: CIEL and CEDHA to Host Experts Seminar on Human Rights and Environment at American University March 19th.
February 2002: Confererence on Sustainable Development in the New Round: Trade, Investment and Environment After Doha on 13 -14 May 2002
February 2002: CIEL and Other Groups Call on President Bush to Attend Upcoming World Summit on Sustainable Development
February 2002: CIEL Condemns President Bush's Greenhouse Gas Plan as Inadequate to Fight Global Warming Threat
February 2002: Intervention by World Conservation Union and the Center for International Environmental Law with Respect to Contractual Clauses on the Access to Genetic Resources and Traditional knowledge
February 2002: Intervention by the World Conservation Union and the Center for International Environmental Law on the Agenda item on Traditional Knowledge as Prior Art
February 2002: The International Network for Environmental Compliance to Host Sixth Conference in Costa Rica, 15 -19 April 2002. Papers are Invited.
January 2002: International Anti-toxics Groups Urge Canadian Government to Resist Industry's Challenge of Pesticide Ban
January 2002: Open Letter on the March 2002 WTO Symposium on Assessment in Trade of Services

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