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2005 News & Press Releases

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December 2005: CIEL participates in the Sixth World Trade Organization Ministerial Conference in Hong Kong, China
December 2005: Inuit File Petition with Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, Claiming Global Warming Caused by United States Is Destroying Their Culture and Livelihoods
November 2005: CIEL responds to Parliamentary vote on REACH chemicals legislation
November 2005: 68 Civil society groups submit open letter slamming WTO procedural irregularities in GATS negotiations -- WTO Director General responds
November 2005: The Legal Dimensions of Climate Change: A Conference by and for the Legal Profession identified many important roles for lawyers in addressing global warming. Follow-up actvities to be announced soon.
November 2005: CIEL Facilitates the 2005 UNEP North American Regional Civil Society Consultation
October 2005: CIEL finds the environment is left behind in Doha negotiations
October 2005: Civil society organizations promote clear and objective guidelines for adequate access to information and public participation at the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants
September 2005: CIEL Attends First Open Dispute Proceedings At The World Trade Organization
September 2005: CIEL calls on Congress to demonstrate "essential elements of U.S. leadership" in implementing legislation for the Stockholm Convention on POPs.
August 2005: In consultation with Switzerland, CIEL produces a study on Principles and Approaches of Sustainable Development and Chemicals Management for the Preparatory Committee for the Development of a Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM)
July 2005: CIEL and partner organizations urge U.S. government to ensure that intellectual property rules in the Andean FTA support the conservation and sustainable use of the unique biological resources of the Andean region
July 2005: CIEL prepares study on Possible Options for the Establishment of a Financial Mechanism for the Implementation of the Rotterdam Conventio
July 2005: Despite US foot-dragging, G8 leaders send a strong signal on global warming
July 2005: CIEL co-organizes discussion on the WTO's non-agricultural market access negotiations and the environment
June 2005: New CIEL report spotlights progress by leading U.S. States on global pollutants, calls on Congress to ratify the international POPs treaty
June 2005: CIEL unveils US POPs Watch, a new website dedicated to U.S. ratification of the Stockholm Convention
June 2005: ICSID Tribunal Affirms its Power to Admit Amicus Curiae Participation
May 2005: CIEL, a participating organization in the International POPs Elimination Network, joins IPEN in congratulating governments for a successful first meeting of the Stockholm POPs Convention
May 2005: CIEL President Daniel Magraw speaks at event celebrating the 40th anniversary of the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes, and honoring Antonio Parra and his tenure as Deputy Secretary-General of ICSID
March 2005: Opening the Floodgates: The Implication of a Human Right to Water
March 2005: CIEL joins dozens of public interest groups in calling on President Bush to support U.S. ratification of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, which entered into force on Sunday, February 27
February 2005: As the Kyoto Protocol enters into force, the United States must substantially reduce its emissions to prevent an Arctic meltdown and an end to the Inuit way of life
February 2005: South Centre and CIEL IP Quarterly Update: Fourth Quarter 2004 considers possible strategies for the intellectual property and development agenda in the WTO in 2005 and beyond
February 2005: Aarhus Convention: The Working Group of the Parties fails to reach agreement regarding genetically modified organisms at February 2005 meeting in Geneva, Switzerland
February 2005: CIEL and its Argentine Partners request trasparency and participation in the ICSID Suez case affecting access to water and sanitation in Buenos Aires
February 2005: CIEL Participates in Experts Meeting on the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Development Agenda and Treaty On Access To Knowledge

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