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2008 News & Press Releases

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December 2008: CIEL to host A Rights-Based Approach to Conservation, with Professor Dinah Shelton, on Thursday, December 11, 2008.
December 2008: CIEL addresses the Human Rights and Climate Change Interface in a Conference at WCL celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights
November 2008: CIEL prepares analysis of the Asian Development Bank's proposed "Country Systems Strategy" for civil society consultations on the ADB's proposed "Safeguard Policy Statement.
November 2008: CIEL participates in OHCHR consultation on Human Rights and Climate Change
October 2008: CIEL provides support for Maldives submission to UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights on the effects of climate change on the full enjoyment of human rights.
October 2008: CIEL Participates in an International Anti-Corruption Conference.
October 2008: CIEL joins launch of the NGO "SIN List 1.0" in Brussels.
October 2008: CIEL plays central role in October 10, 2008 recommendation of governments on a global policy framework to address the mercury pollution crisis.
October 2008: Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General on business & human rights, John Ruggie, thanks CIEL and colleagues for the "extensive analysis" in their submission, "The International Finance Corporation's performance standards and the Equator Principles: respecting human rights and remedying violations?"
September 2008: CIEL applauds adoption of Dakar resolution on the future of the Intergovernmental Forum on Chemical Safety (IFCS).
September 2008: Addressing global environmental challenges: What to expect from future dispute settlement panels?
September 2008: CIEL to speak at the World Conservation Forum
August 2008: CIEL and colleagues find that the International Finance Corporation and leading international banks do not have a robust framework for minimizing the social risks posed by their projects.
August 2008: Major International Investment Arbitration Decision Acknowledges Role of Arguments put Forward by NGOs
July 2008: CIEL attends first open WTO Appellate Body hearing in the famous Hormones dispute
July 2008: CIEL welcomes the decision by the Appellate Body of the World Trade Organization to open to the public the hearing on appeal in the latest stage of the Hormones cases
July 2008: CIEL looks at lessons to be learned by civil society and developing countries from negotiations for the US-Peru Free Trade Agreement
July 2008: UN Body Supports Transparency in New Arbitration Rules
June 2008: CIEL and IISD call for an end to an era of secrecy in investor-State arbitration: UN body must support transparency in new arbitration rules
June 2008: American Bar Association awards CIEL President Daniel Magraw its 9th Annual Award for Distinguished Achievement in Environmental Law and Policy
May 2008: CIEL discusses options for suspending intellectual property protection to enforce WTO Dispute Settlement Rulings
April 2008: Civil Society Organizations urge World Bank President Zoellick to reform process for selecting panel members to the World Bank accountability mechanism
April 2008: CIEL participates in event on World Bank-Financed Water Projects on 15 April 2008.
April 2008: CIEL and partners webcast the meeting between civil society and candidates for Director-General of the World Intellectual Property Organization
April 2008: CIEL discusses the World Bank's Country Systems approach at the World Bank Spring Meetings
April 2008: CIEL supports secretariat at UNEP Mercury Partnership meeting, Geneva, 1-3 April 2008
April 2008: Colombia: The Human Impact of Trade, War, and the Rule of Law
April 2008: U.N. Resolution adopted on Human Rights and Climate Change
April 2008: CIEL urges Inter-American Development Bank Executive Directors to ensure much-needed reform of the IDB Accountability Mechanism
March 2008: Victims of Biofuel: Nicaraguan Communities Affected by IFC-Funded Ethanol Plant File Complaint
March 2008: CIEL, on behalf of the Government of Germany, prepares Intergovernmental Forum on Chemical Safety (IFCS) thought starter exploring whether the mobility of lead and cadmium through international trade may warrant coordinated international action to protect human health and the environment
March 2008: CIEL plays leading role in developing Intergovernmental Forum on Chemical Safety (IFCS) background paper and draft resolution on the future of IFCS
March 2008: CIEL discusses environmental protection and investor-state disputes at an international seminar in Chile
March 2008: CIEL co-hosts Climate Change Event at American University's Washington College of Law on March 20, 2008
February 2008: CIEL and partners publish reports and presentations from a Capacity Building Workshop on the Relationship between the World Intellectual Property Organization and the Convention on Biological Diversity
February 2008: Block of countries refuses to discuss transparency in investor-State arbitrations
February 2008: CIEL has a unique opportunity to direct its Climate Change Program in our Washington, D.C. office
February 2008: CIEL participates in a technical and informal workshop on WTO Disciplines on Fisheries Subsidies, sponsored by UNEP and WWF
January 2008: Call for Protection for Indigenous Peoples in Isolation in the Peruvian Amazon (Llamado Para La Protección De Los Pueblos Indígenas En Aislamiento En La Amazonia Peruana)

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Fred Anderson“For many people on the planet, unlike the vast majority of Americans, there is an intimate linkage between the environment on which indigenous populations depend and their survival.

For them, their lifestyle, their customs, whether religious or subsistence agriculture, those things are really quite linked. CIEL recognized this, made the connection, and took it forward—integrating human rights law with environmental law. This is one of the great achievements of the organization.”

- Fred Anderson, Former Chair, CIEL Board of Trustees, Partner, McKenna Long & Aldridge, Washington, D.C.

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