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2009 News & Press Releases

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December 2009: CIEL Calls on Governments to Adopt Precautionary Mechanisms for Nanotechnologies.
December 2009: CIEL Joins Health and Environmental Advocates in Call for U.S. Leadership on Global Chemicals Pollution.
December 2009: CIEL participates in an international conference on “International Investment Law Today: Contemporary Problems of a New Era in International Law,” held in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
December 2009: Guatemalan community leaders ask Canadian government to investigate human rights violations committed by Goldcorp Inc. at Marlin Mine.
November 2009: CIEL discusses transparency and public participation in the WTO's Dispute Settlement Understanding at the Seventh WTO Ministerial in Geneva.
November 2009: Please join us for a discussion about the International Finance Corporation’s investments in Indonesian palm oil.
November 2009: CIEL testifies at congressional hearing on priorities for chemical safety.
November 2009: CIEL will address the conflicts and compatibilities between the trade and climate change regimes at the American Society of International Law on November 4, 2009.
November 2009: CIEL is pleased to announce the inaugural annual conference, Developments in International Environmental Law, to be held November 16, 2009.
November 2009: Proposed Ex-Im Bank carbon policy undermines US Administration's commitment to phase-out fossil fuels. Read more in civil society letter from CIEL and others.
November 2009: CIEL and Bretton Woods Project formally request that the U.N. Special Representative on Business and Human Rights help ensure that the Performance Standards of the International Finance Corporation provide a robust framework for securing human rights.
October 2009: CIEL and colleagues submit suggestions for strengthening the accountability mechanism of the African Development Bank, the Independent Review Mechanism.
October 2009: CIEL Participates in discussions on U.S. Model Bilateral Investment Treaty.
October 2009: Tribunal in Piero Foresti, Laura De Carli and others v. the Republic of South Africa grants CIEL and human rights organizations access to documents by the parties.
October 2009: CIEL moderates "The Law of the Sea: The Role of the International Tribunal in Solving Problems Related to Piracy and Terrorism at Sea," October 26, 2009
September 2009: CIEL and Friends of the Earth invite the public to Climate Change Policies & WTO Trade Rules: Conflict or Coherence?, September 29, 2009, with release of Is World Trade Law a Barrier to Saving Our Climate?.
August 2009: CIEL calls for greater public involvement in trade policy in congressional testimony.
·  August 2009: CIEL speaks at international workshop on extraterritorial human rights obligations.
August 2009: CIEL and other civil society organizations express concerns over the 2004 U.S. model Bilateral Investment Treaty.
June 2009: In a dialogue with member states, CIEL urges the Human Rights Council to take action to ensure that climate change does not harm human rights. CIEL statement available here.
June 2009: IP Quarterly Update warns about the pharmaceutical companies using scare tactics on counterfeit medical products to co-opt public health concerns for higher IP protection and enforcement.
June 2009: CIEL works with partners to support a Treaty on Copyright Exceptions and Limitations at WIPO. A summary of the meting available is here.
May 2009: CIEL presents Issue Brief on Climate Change and Human Rights in Bonn, Germany.
May 2009: CIEL organizes Technology and Finance Workshops at D92 NGO Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen and provides discussion papers on Technology Cooperation, Trade and Climate Change, and Legal Architecture.
May 2009: CIEL Plays Decisive Role in Global Chemicals Conference.
May 2009: Climate Action Network urges the UNFCCC to include an effective technology transfer mechanism in the Copenhagen climate deal.
May 2009: CIEL Expresses Concern about the Violation of Human Rights and Environmental Destruction Involved in the ATCA Case against Royal Dutch Shell.
May 2009: CIEL reports on the listing of nine chemicals under the StockholmConvention on POPs.
April 2009: CIEL congratulates IPEN colleagues Olga Speranskaya of Eco-Accord Russia and Yuyun Ismawati of Bali Fokus Indonesia, recipients of the 2009 Goldman Environmental Prize!
April 2009: CIEL prepares for fourth Conference of the Parties meeting for the Stockholm POPs Convention by contributing to IPEN "Quick Views" summary of key NGO positions.
April 2009: The Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) is pleased to award the annual CIEL International Environmental Law Award to Antonio A. Oposa Jr.
March 2009: CIEL participates in two international conferences on Extractive Industries and Indigenous Peoples.
March 2009: The Friedrich Erbert Foundation and the Center for International Environmental Law cordially invite you to to a panel discussion and launch of the new publication Practical Approaches to Integrating Human Rights and Climate Change Law and Policy.
February 2009: Investigation Finds that OPIC Denied that Project-Affected Community is Indigenous, Did Not Comply with its Policies
February 2009: CIEL Applauds Breakthrough Agreement on Mercury
February 2009: CIEL is pleased to announce that we have hired attorney David Azoulay to work with our Chemicals Program and to lead our new nanotechnologies project.
February 2009: The International Finance Corporation Improperly Interferes in Pending Investigation on Biofuels.
February 2009: Border Wall -- Waiving the rule of law along the Mexico - United States border.

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