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May 2015 Public interest groups support the opinion to exclude chemicals from the scope of the proposed Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Agreement
May 2015 Statement by CIEL President & CEO Carroll Muffett on the Blocked “Fast Track” Trade Promotion Authority Bill
May 2015 IFC Boosts Investment in Contested Canadian Mining Project in Colombia Despite Ongoing Investigation
May 2015 Dianne Dillon-Ridgley one of Women's E-news' "21 Leaders for the 21st century"
April 2015 Indian Communities Suffering from Destructive Coal Plant Sue the International Finance Corporation in U.S. Courts
April 2015 TTIP leak: EU proposal undermines democratic values
April 2015 Tell the World Bank not to Risk Human Rights and Human Lives - Real Development Requires Strong Safeguards!
April 2015 Fast tracking trade deals undermines democracy and the public interest
April 2015 International Coalition Warns: World Bank Driving Hazardous Development
April 2015 10,000 People from 90 Countries Demand World Bank Respect Human Rights
March 2015 CIEL’s Reaction to the US Climate Commitment
February 2015 UN registered Barro Blanco Hydroelectric Dam temporarily suspended over non-compliance with Environmental Impact Assessment
January 2015 Extraterritorial Obligations in the Context of Eco-destruction and Climate Change (También disponible en español)
January 2015 Lowest Common Denominator: EU-US trade deal threatens to lower standards of protection from toxic pesticides
December 2014 US Congress opposes World Bank plan to weaken environmental and social protections,seeks transparency about “beneficial owners” of shell companies.
December 2014 Rights of Present and Future Generations at Risk After Lima
December 2014 Hundreds of civil society groups demand human rights are enshrined in 2015 climate agreement
December 2014 Media Advisory: Human rights and climate change - The missing link for an effective climate deal
December 2014 CIEL to Attend Climate Conference in Lima
November 2014 CIEL Reaction to the U.S.’s Green Climate Fund Pledge
November 2014 CIEL statement on release of TTIP chemicals documents by European Commission
November 2014 Take Action for Transparency and Participation!
October 2014 Dear Norway, please divest from fossil fuels. Sincerely, Future Generations
October 2014 Leaked TTIP draft for chemicals sector reveals a toxic partnership
October 2014 Rights violated and environment damaged by aerial fumigations, argues amicus
September 2014 Resistance to Pacific Rim Mining Company
August 2014 CIEL and civil society organizations call for healthy debate on the independence and transparency of official scientific policy advice in the EU
August 2014 New investigation finds ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy leads to IFC blunders in Honduras human rights scandal
July 2014 CITES failing to adequately protect endangered Afrormosia tree
July 2014 TTIP crosses the line on toxic chemicals for 111 NGOs
June 2014 Statement on Appointment of Baskut Tuncak as UN Special Rapporteur on the implications for human rights of the environmentally sound management and disposal of hazardous substances and wastes
June 2014 Economic benefits of tighter controls for endocrine disruptors outweigh hypothetical trade effects
June 2014 Civil society organizations respond to omissions and unclear path forward in the International Finance Corporation's "Lessons Learned" presentation to World Bank
May 2014 Executives facing climate denial-related claims could be personally liable - NGOs
May 2014 Proposed Plans for US/EU Trade Deal Would Weaken Health, Consumer, Worker, Environmental Protections
April 2014 Logging Concessions Enable Illegal Logging Crisis in the Peruvian Amazon
April 2014 Civil Society calls on the World Bank to address human rights violations associated with World Bank funded development projects
April 2014 CIEL & partners publish recommendations for the safer development of nanotechnology for the EU’s REACH regulation implementation.
March 2014 ECOS and CIEL launch a three-year project for the safe development of nanomaterials in Europe
March 2014 Side-event during the Human Rights Council launches Human Rights and Environment Compendium
March 2014 Chemical industry secretly manipulating US-EU trade negotiations (TTIP)
February 2014 European Bank for Reconstruction and Development: Draft Environment and Social Policy Retreats on Human Rights
February 2014 Groups Appeal to UN to Halt Imminent Forced Evictions of Indigenous Ngöbe Community
February 2014 Young Filipinos file Supreme Court Petition against Government. Their Demand: Divide the Roads in Half.
February 2014 As Epidemic Sweeps Nicaragua, Government Denies Construction of Life-Saving Clinic
January 2014 The Guide for Potential Amici in International Investment Arbitrations
January 2014 World Bank forced to admit failings on controversial human rights scandal
January 2014 9 Groups react to retrograde fossil fuel support in Omnibus Appropriations legislation
January 2014 World Bank funding a company implicated in human rights abuses in Honduras
December 2013 Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Negotiations Underway
December 2013 CIEL to speak at event jointly organized by UN Environment Program and the UN Office for the High Commissioner for Human Rights, December 12, 2013
December 2013 Vacancy Announcement: CIEL Program Director for People, Land & Resources
December 2013 CIEL publishes the first edition of Trans-Atlantic Trade and investment Partnership (TTIP) Monitor
November 2013 Book Launch: Realizing the Right to Development, at the United Nations Headquarters on December 9, 2013
November 2013 CDM Executive Board rejects Bonyic Hydroelectric Project in light of alleged violations of CDM requirements and human rights standards
November 2013 CIEL Statement before the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance, hearing on the "Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: Achieving the Potential"
November 2013 Civil society expresses concern about the trend by World Bank Group Management to refute, deny or otherwise fail to act on critical findings of its accountability mechanisms
November 2013 19th Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change meets in Warsaw
November 2013 US Treasury Announces New Guidance on Financing for Coal-Fired Power Plants in Developing Countries
October 2013 CIEL statement on the signing of the mercury treaty
October 2013 Urgent action! Ask the Nicaraguan government to approve and construct a life-saving dialysis clinic for former sugarcane workers suffering from chronic kidney disease.
October 2013 Fracking Dispute Under NAFTA Highlights Potential Pitfalls of EU-U.S. Trade Agreement
September 2013 Statement of CIEL President Carroll Muffett on the Release of the IPCC's Fifth Assessment Report
August 2013 Groups Support Challenge to Dam Project in Panama for Violating Indigenous Rights
August 2013 Latin American and Caribbean countries call for action regarding hormone disruption and pesticides
August 2013 CIEL and partner organizations are searching for a consultant to help build a global coalition and devise a campaign strategy on Human Rights & Development Finance Institutions
July 2013 Lawsuit Challenges Federal Financing of Coal Exports from East Coast Ports
July 2013 Keystone XL: Public interest groups call for Sec. Kerry to throw out tainted environmental study
July 2013 The World Bank's new energy strategy is both a valuable step and a missed opportunity towards alleviating poverty, tackling climate change, and investing in truly sustainable development
July 2013 Submission for Subcommittee hearing on "Regulation of New Chemicals, Protection of Confidential Business Information, and Innovation"
July 2013 Update from Vienna +20 Human Rights Conference
June 2013 Statement from Carroll Muffett, President & CEO of Center for International Environmental Law on President Obama's Climate Action Plan
June 2013 UN Representative on Indigenous Peoples Asked to Investigate Human Rights Violations Caused by Panama's Barro Blanco Dam
June 2013 U.S. Court of Appeals Rules in Government Secrecy Case
June 2013 You are invited to attend: Human Rights Protections in the Clean Development Mechanism
June 2013 Ontario Securities Commission asked to Investigate Tahoe Resources After Wiretap Evidence Implicates Employees in Violence at Guatemala Mine
May 2013 U.S. unable to follow suit as global community agrees to eliminate toxic chemical
May 2013 Environmental, labor, and health advocates urge EU Commission to confront dangers of endocrine disrupting chemicals
April 2013 Scientists urge UN to take action on chemicals in consumer products and pesticides
April 2013 Climate Legal Action on behalf of Youth in the Philippines
April 2013 Early Warning System Launched to Alert Communities to Investments that may Affect their Rights
April 2013 CIEL Supports Introduction of the 2013 Safe Chemicals Act
April 2013 Mining license approved in wake of violence, investigation into murder pending
April 2013 Civil Society and Entrepreneurs Call on World Bank to Clean Up Energy Lending
March 2013 CIEL is hiring a Program Associate for our Sustainable Loreto Project
March 2013 New CIEL blog post asks #Whatwillittake for the World Bank to uphold human rights?
March 2013 Urgent Action: Call for investigation and company departure in response to recurring violence in area of Canadian-owned silver project
March 2013 New CIEL report describes a stronger global system for toxic chemicals
March 2013 Guatemala's Highest Court Denies Justice to Indigenous Peoples Affected by Mining
March 2013 Civil society organizations urge President Obama for a timeout on natural gas exports until critical national economic, environmental and trade concerns are thoroughly analyzed and carefully addressed
March 2013 New CIEL report describes a stronger global system for toxic chemicals
March 2013 Peru's primary newspaper, El Comercio, reports on our work that exposes the effects of oil palm production on deforestation in the Amazon
February 2013 U.S. Court of Appeals Hears Government Secrecy Case: U.S. trade agency continued secrecy denies public access to document related to protection of environment and public health
February 2013 Stronger Laws for Hazardous Chemicals Spur Innovation
February 2013 WHO-UNEP Report on endocrine disruptors highlights need for global action
February 2013 Send a Letter to President Obama: Make climate change a priority in his second term
January 2013 Stronger Laws for Hazardous Chemicals Spur Innovation
January 2013 The World Bank's private sector financing arm doesn't know the environmental and social impacts of nearly half its portfolio
January 2013 EU Commission's proposed regulation on ship recycling is illegal under international and EU law
December 2012 EC Breaches International Law on Ship Recycling File, Independent Lawyers Say
December 2012 At Doha Climate Talks: Failed ambition and unfulfilled promises
November 2012 Doha 2012: Act NOW, the climate won't wait
November 2012 International Organizations Call for Better Protection for Human Rights Defenders in Guatemala
November 2012 Statement by CIEL President Carroll Muffett on the World Bank's Turn Down the Heat Report
November 2012 "High Time to Act" - Civil Society Organisations present Proposal for a new horizontal Nano Regulation
October 2012 CIEL and its partners express deep concerns about the result of the EU Commission review of the legal framework for nanomaterials
October 2012 Civil society fears World Bank poised to weaken its social and environmental policies and procedures
October 2012 CIEL is seeking a Senior Attorney for our International Finance project
October 2012 CIEL advocates for transparency in investment arbitration at UNCITRAL negotiations
October 2012 CIEL participates in Symposium on New Directions for Human Rights and the Environment: A Symposium Inspired by Svitlana Kravchenko
September 2012 Global chemicals conference moves forward on nanotechnology and endocrine disrupting chemicals
September 2012 CIEL joins over 150 countries, and hundreds of civil society and industry representatives meet to negotiate progress on urgent issues in chemical safety under the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM). Learn more about what CIEL is advocating for!
July 2012 Guatemala's Highest Court to Hear Landmark Indigenous Challenge of Mining Law
July 2012 Statement on Appointment of John Knox as UN Independent Expert on Human Rights and Environment
June 2012 Complaint filed against World Bank Group for funding gold mine in fragile Columbian wetlands
June 2012 International NGOs intervene to prevent human rights violations and environmental damage in Kenya
May 2012 International Finance Corporation to be audited for its involvement in privatizing Kosovo's electricity grid
May 2012 At the UN climate talks in Bonn, Germany, CIEL's Niranjali Amerasinghe discusses how a lack of ambition may prevent nations from fulfilling even the most modest of their climate mitigation pledges even as emissions increase worldwide.
April 2012 Save the date: Human Rights at Rio+20 event held at the United Nations, April 27, 2012
April 2012 CIEL reviews the possible impacts of a wave of new dams in the Andean Amazon, the most biologically diverse zone on Earth.
April 2012 Civil society organziations call for greater scrutiny of hedge funds and banks used to finance development
February 2012 Nanomaterials "Just Out of Reach" of European Regulations
January 2012 CIEL's statement on the Obama Administration's Denial of Keystone XL Permit
December 2011 At Climate Talks: Nations agree to do tomorrow what they should have done yesterday
November 2011 This is a critical moment in the development of the international climate regime as Parties negotiate to decide the fate of climate action beyond 2012 in Durban, South Africa.
November 2011 U.S. Senators urge strengthening of the World Bank's new approach to lending - Program-for-Results (P4R) lending.
November 2011 Negotiations on international chemicals management inch forward, and set the stage for a key conference in 2012
October 2011 CIEL welcomes adoption of Maastricht Principles on Extra-Territorial Obligations in regards to human rights.
October 2011 CIEL welcomes new EU definition of nanomaterials as a necessary step towards assuring safety.
October 2011 Basel Convention COP10 makes historic progress on preventing hazardous waste from being sent to the Global South
October 2011 Joint submission by CIEL, Earthjustice and Greenpeace USA on the national interest determination for the proposed Keystone XL pipeline project.
October 2011 October 2011: Aerial spraying of herbicides in Colombia and Ecuador: environmental and human rights impacts.
September 2011 Toxic wastes mandate renewed by U.N. Human Rights Council, despite resistance.
September 2011 In Memoriam: Wangari Maathai (1940-2011)
September 2011 CIEL Calls for the Human Rights Council not to abandon work on toxic wastes.
July 2011 United Nations Environment Programme releases draft mercury treaty for third round of mercury negotiations.
July 2011 Controversial coal projects continue to be registered despite serious concerns.
July 2011 UN panel calls for immediate suspension of coal power projects in the CDM.
June 2011 Senior Attorney Anne Perrault and colleagues discuss Migratory Connectivity and the Conservation of Migratory Animals.
June 2011 CIEL concludes 2011 Senate TSCA bill would enable U.S. leadership on global POPs treaty.
May 2011 CIEL reports on developments under the Stockholm Convention at COP5.
May 2011 CIEL submits report to the Basel Convention Secretariat regarding Shipbreaking.
April 2011 CIEL applauds proposed overhaul of U.S. Chemicals law.
March 2011 CIEL report critiques World Bank energy policy: Analysis Shows Bank Failed to Fully Consider Environmental and Health Costs in Controversial South African Project
March 2011 You are invited: The Second Annual Conference on Developments in International Environmental Law.
March 2011 Getting the International Finance Corporation to respect and protect human rights.
March 2011 Amicus Brief Highlights the Environmental and Human Rights Impacts of Mining in $77 Million Investment Arbitration Case (available in Spanish).
February 2011 The right to development is necessary to effectively address climate change.
February 2011 CIEL joins others in calling for an open and participatory process to design the Green Climate Fund under the UNFCCC.  
February 2011 Landmark Judment in Ecuadorian Suit Against Chevron.
February 2011 CIEL Spearheads Efforts for Transparency in UN Arbitration Body.
February 2011 World Bank Inspection Panel under threat.
January 2011 Please join CIEL for Human Rights and Private Sector Investment: Views from the Global South, February 1st, 2011.
January 2011 CIEL co-sponsors the Second Annual Conference on Developments in International Environmental Law

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